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Thor Roundy

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It is pretty well known that the physical health of the average American is declining. Statistically, the legal health of Americans isn’t much better.  A 2012 survey found that 50% of Americans with children do not have a will in place. Even more shocking, the same study showed 41% of baby boomers, ages 59-67, also...
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I never worried about being sued.  Actually, I never worried about being sued for something I did wrong.  But I am aware of the statistic, that one-third of small business owners will be sued or threated with a lawsuit.

(See the entire "How High Is Your Risk?: Small Business and Lawsuits" infographic in our resources.)

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In business, I care about two things:  my relationship with my clients and building successful businesses.   That means, I care about the success of your business.

To accomplish my goals, I have focused first on building successful and enduring relationships with my clients.  The key to my long lasting relationships is trust. Trust takes time...
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Welcome to EVN Law! I am Thor Roundy. I am an attorney, but I am also a business owner, like you. Unlike other law firms, EVN Law focuses on the small business owner. I’m here to help your business grow.

Early in 2012, I finally took the step to open a Facebook account.  I recognized...
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EVN Law’s founder Thor Roundy says that it’s time for a new perspective on how to run a law firm. His theory?  Law firms should follow a direct business model.  “If lawyers valued their long-term financial security, there would be no more solo-practitioners.  Because of...
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