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Thor Roundy, CEO

Our Story

Why did I not follow my own advice?

I have been a practicing attorney for 28 years. A large part of my legal practice is helping people set up healthy, profitable and sustainable businesses. I have also been running another business for over 23 years, with three locations and about 15 employees. I know how to run a business.

One morning, I woke up and realized that I could sell my other company and retire whenever I wanted; but I couldn't do the same with my legal practice. There was nothing to sell.

Because I was the sole attorney in the firm, the day I stopped working would be the day I stopped billing. And the day I stopped billing, the legal practice would stop making money.

What self-respecting attorney would advise a client to run a business like that? None. And yet, how many solo attorneys are there in the U.S.? Thousands!

In my legal practice, I had failed to follow the direction I had given to so many others.

In 2012, I finally decided to follow my own advice. I took what I know about business, and designed a complete business plan for a law firm. Instead of operating like traditional law firms, I designed EVN Law to operate as a successful business.

What is the difference between a traditional legal practice and a good business model? For one thing, a smart legal business lets the attorney focus on practicing law, and gives the rest of the work to someone else. Clients get better service, and attorneys enjoy greater job satisfaction.

As you explore this site, watch the videos and experience the way we operate, you'll start to discover how many business principles simply aren't being practiced by lawyers, even though they should know as much as anyone about running a business!

You will discover another other thing on this site. The principles that make a law business succeed are the same principles that make other businesses succeed. Part of our mission is to connect your business to the principles that we practice.

Together We Are Stronger.

Our Mission

Our mission to attorneys is to provide you with sustained profitability, professional development, and an enriched work experience by investing in your success and in your future. We foster cooperation and mutual support among our attorneys and allow you to focus on your legal expertise and skills, as opposed to the minutia of managing a business.

Before we opened our doors and started hiring attorneys, we identified the type of attorney that we were willing to hire. They had to have integrity. They had to have enough experience for us to know that they were competent. They had to agree to our standards of accountability, both to the firm and their clients.

This is why I am sure that our clients will be impressed with the attorney assigned to them. We match them up with someone who has been very successful.

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