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Client Testimonials

"Thor Roundy has been my lawyer for over 18 years. There is no one that I trust more with my business."

--Paul Scardino, president of Western Vision Software, LC

"When the real estate market crashed and I thought that I had lost everything, Thor Roundy solved my problems."

--Regan Andrews, real estate investor

"When we sold our company, one of the other lawyers told us, ‘Thor Roundy is the best contract drafter that I have ever seen.’"

--Owen Wood, former CEO of Superior Care Pharmacy

"I can point to several transactions that I wouldn’t have closed without Thor Roundy’s expertise. The man knows real estate."

--Ben Lemon, manager of Ran-Life Residential Lending, Sandy, Utah office

"When we were in a position to purchase Medical Techniques, the seller asked, 'Where did you find your attorney? He is very thorough and particular!' Thor Roundy did a great job negotiating terms for us from the start and has been a great asset throughout our seventeen years in business."

--Michael Thompson, President of Medical Techniques, Inc.

"When we were sued, Thor didn’t just terrorize the other side … They dropped the case."

--Laren Nalder, brother-in-law

"Thor Roundy represented my dad for several years when no one else would have believed in his case. Thor cares about his clients. I highly recommend him."

--Shelly Stevensen, former Salt Lake City police officer


Every legal case and its results are unique. Any past results noted on this website should not be considered typical.

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