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To receive your financial health assessment and personalized recommendations, answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge.

Do you owe more than $5000 on credit cards?
Do you pay off the total balance on your credit card(s) each month?
If you own a home, is your monthly house payment (include your mortgage, property tax, and home insurance costs) less than 25% of your monthly gross income?
If you are married and own a home, how is your home owned?
If you are not married and own a home, is your home in a revocable trust?
Do you own part of any business?
If divorced, have you remarried?
Do you or your spouse have children from a prior marriage or relationship?
Is your net estate worth more than $100,000, not including any life insurance?
Do you have life insurance with a death benefit at least ten times your annual household income?
Do you have a Will signed by you within the last five years?
Do you have a Living Trust?
Do you have a retirement account (IRA, 401(k)) that you started at a past job?
Do you save at least 5% of your income on a monthly basis?
Do you have a Health Care Power of Attorney?
Do you have children under age 18?
Do you have children with special needs?
Do you expect to inherit over $50,000 in money or property from your parents or relative?
If either or both of your parents are over the age of 70, do they each have a Will and Advance Medical Directive?

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