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Estate Planning Gives You Peace of Mind

  • Take control of your private affairs and family's future.
  • Keep your documents up-to-date.
  • Communicate your choices with your loved ones.
  • Free attorney-client meeting with each document created.
  • Document fees start at $150.
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Wills and Trusts FAQ and Resources

Do I Need a Will?

As the video above explains, creating a Will is primarily about leaving peace of mind for family members.

A Will is also a financial planning tool. Your Will provides instructions concerning the division of your property. By leaving directions, you simplify the process. You can lower the cost of administering your property; and if your estate is large, you can reduce taxes.

Having a will can be fun. Watch our video about how to use a Personal Letter to leave sentimental items to friends and family members. It is very simple to use, and it doesn’t require visiting an attorney to modify your Personal Letter.

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Why Do I Want a Trust?

A trust is a powerful legal tool. Lawyers who do their own estate planning virtually always include a trust.

We provide a standard Family Trust with a Pour-over Will as part of our basic estate-planning package. The Trust requires no management during your lifetime. Instead, the Trust is funded by the provisions of your Will after you pass away. The process minimizes the cost of probate and simplifies the administration of your estate for your family.

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The EVN Law Advantage

We all know that cheap legal document creation is available online. So should you shop by price, or are there other important factors? Consider this:

First, you need to be aware that legal documents are not "one size fits all". In even the simplest legal situation, your specific circumstances may require customization in ways that fully automated systems cannot address. It's more expensive and more painful to fix problems after the fact (when your children's lawyers are arguing in court, for example), than to get it right the first time. There is no safe substitute for an attorney with up-to-date knowledge and experience in the areas of law that are involved.

Second, you may need more than just a set of legal documents. When you discuss your situation with an experienced attorney, we can quickly spot holes that need to be filled and provide you with expert guidance.

Third, there is great value in relationships. Do you know an attorney who thinks of you when they learn things that could benefit you? At EVN Law, we like to share information and help our clients and friends succeed, even when we don't benefit directly. We believe in the value of strengthening our communities. And we know that successful clients are much more likely to bring us business, both for their own needs, and through referrals.

That is why, with each legal document you create with us, EVN Law includes a free attorney-client meeting where we discuss your circumstances and make necessary customizations. We also take the time to get to know you so that we can find more ways to help you succeed.

You have your choice of legal document creation services. We hope you'll choose EVN Law, because we believe that we offer you far more value than you can get by shopping on price alone.

Pricing (includes 1-hour attorney consultation)

Last Will and Testament $250
Revocable Trust $800
General Power of Attorney $150
Health Care POA & Medical Directive $175

Estate Plan Packages

Each package includes a will, living trust, general power of attorney, health care power of attorney, and medical directive.

Individual Estate Plan Package $900
Couple Estate Plan Package $1,200

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